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Michael Enn Sirvet

Until Early May
Until Early May

Michael Enn Sirvet is a contemporary sculptor who creates 2D and 3D artwork using metals, hardwoods and other unexpected material.  His sculptures are often assemblages of intricate pieces combined to form a singular, archetypal gesture.  His ‘metal quilts’, bolted vessels, puzzle-piece towers and other assemblages combine natural elegance and industrial precision.


A structural engineer for years prior to dedicating himself full time to art; Michael worked for the prestigious NY and Washington DC based Robert Silman Associates, which conducted the structural restorations of such iconic landmarks as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water and Guggenheim Museum in New York.  Michael‘s work fuses the engineered quality of manmade constructions with the organic chaos of nature and the human creative process.  His intense love of nature continually carries him to remote and beautiful locations in search of creative inspiration.  A love of the natural world, and the science that underlies it, is evident in his artworks.


Recently awarded the Renwick Museum’s Award for Excellence in Metal Craft, Michael’s works can be seen in the NY galleries of Jan Larsen Art Studios and in Washington DC, at Reyes+Davis Gallery and The Hamiltonian Gallery, where in 2008 he was awarded The Hamiltonian Fellowship.

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