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Pepa Leon

Paintings and Prints

Exhibition April 5 - May 3, 2008
Opening Reception - April 5, 2008, 6:30 - 9PM

REYES + DAVIS are exhibiting the work of Spanish born artist Pepa Leon in April.  Leon's solo exhibition will launch the opening of REYES + DAVIS in the heart of downtown Washington. Director, Brigitte Reyes will feature Leon's latest work of mixed media paintings on large canvas and prints where she layers color pattern and gesture.  

Pepa Leon is no stranger to the Washington art scene exhibiting work in over 15 venues.  Leon describes her artist process as an adventure. Starting with a blank canvas she says, “is always, a journey through uncharted territory whose ultimate destination can be surprising. I am submerged in a wave of uncertainty, of discovery that demands vivid, intense colors, and organic forms, real or imaginary. Sometimes, the images have their way, but other times I deform them, distorting their essence, and paint and print over them until they acquire the tension and dynamism I search for."  

Distinguished artist and Professor Tom Green praises Leon's work as “organic abstractions and a testimony to the fertile imagination of the human mind.” To Green, Leon is a physical painter. “She works out on the canvas. She paints with boxer’s moves, jabbing at the surface, swiping skeins of strong color across the canvas. Grabbing a prepared screen, she squeegees floral patterns or polka dots over the paint.  Next, Pepa quickly paints over parts of the screened elements.  As this give and take develops, the painting comes alive like an organism being born.  Her best paintings never settle down, are never polite.  The viewer is pulled into a vibrant world of cause and effect. Words cannot describe it.”

Among Leon's revered fans, world-renowned chef Jose Andres confesses, "She is my favorite artist. Pepa Leon's paintings are always colorful and playful and full of movement. We have numerous works by Pepa that hang throughout our house".

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